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Opinion: The Humble Pen and Paper, a Solution for Mental Health?

Write as much as you can, as often as you can and carry a notebook. This is creative writing 101. If you want to be a better writer, you have to practice your craft. You also have to be ready to document the intricate movements of human life. A snippet of conversation, a curious sign… Continue reading Opinion: The Humble Pen and Paper, a Solution for Mental Health?

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Opinion: Understanding Terrorism Through Literature

I feel heartbroken today on the 11th of September. It's not a heartbreak that belongs to me. It's one for the families of those who died and for the survivors and rescuers who witnessed the horror. I was reading an article earlier that talked about explaining to children what happened when the Twin Towers collapsed. I hadn't given thought to the… Continue reading Opinion: Understanding Terrorism Through Literature

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Opinion: Are Our Schools Inspiring Young Readers?

  Summer is over! Put down that ice cream! Put on your wooly jumper! With the start of September the floodgates of anxiety burst forth for thousands of teachers all over the world. Did the students perform well? Is there anything more they could have done? Will they return to a mountain of letters from… Continue reading Opinion: Are Our Schools Inspiring Young Readers?

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Opinion: Books to Dispel a Reading Rut

I power through books week in week out without really coming up for air, or sleep. Yet, even with my worrying obsession with consuming all of the literature I do have days when I just can't get started. Thus begins the dreaded reading slump that has been known to last for weeks (sometimes years!) If… Continue reading Opinion: Books to Dispel a Reading Rut

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Review: Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

This rags to riches dystopian novel is Young Adult fiction at its very finest. It centers on Mare, a red street thief who becomes a pawn in a shifting politic game. The world is divided between red and silver blood. The Silvers possess powerful abilities, bending water, fire and the minds of others. The reds… Continue reading Review: Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

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Short Review: Transit – Lana Citron

Published in 2012 Lana Citrons short novel Transit is a fantastically bizarre piece of fiction. This book is no doubt a Marmite choice. If you love contemporary fiction that challenges your perception this is a brilliant quick read. However if you like more conventional plots or classics this is perhaps not for you. It focuses on Ed who has seemingly… Continue reading Short Review: Transit – Lana Citron

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Review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown

Rise red as the dawn! Red Rising by Pierce Brown is a dystopian fantasy novel of a different class. Darrow, raised in the mines of Mars is catapulted into the beating heart of Gold Society. Power is prized above all other virtues and violent oppression is key. His mission is to destroy the hierarchy from… Continue reading Review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown