My name is Faye & I live in the Red Rose county in England.

I’m a burnt out reading enthusiast.

My bookshelf doesn’t discriminate by genre, but my favourite reads tend to be Contemporary Classics.

Edgar Allan Poe is my favourite Writer.

I thought I hated poetry until I read Frank O’Hara.

I compulsively buy beautiful notepads that are too nice to write in.

I love people & can be contacted in a variety of ways

Email: Frazzledfictions@gmail.com

Instagram: @frazzledfictions

Twitter: @frazzledfiction

I post as frequently as I can, however life is a juggling act at the moment, so please bear with me. 

Thank you to all those who follow me for your continued support, you are all truly angels and I’m so grateful for your kind comments.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad and happy your into poetry. How long have you been into poetry?

    By the way, thank you for taking your time in reading and commenting on my new humor post. I’m currently following your page and hope you follow my page as well. Also, I look forward to connecting with you and read, comment, and like your post. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon. And I’ll be replying back to your comment on my post.


    1. Hi Charlie, quite a while, I like all forms of writing. Poetry is very underrated, you’d think it would be the preferred form in our busy world seeing as it’s bitesize! My favourite poet is Frank O’Hara, partly because I wish I could write excellent poems on my lunch! Thanks for following I’m excited to keep up with your blog also 😀

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      1. Your right. Poetry is underrated. Eventually, if all poets hit the high note of expressionism then we change the world. In some way of form.

        Frank O’ Hara greatest writer of the 20th century. I love his Jazz poetry style of writing. 🙂 Very influential.



      2. Poetry revolution, it’s necessary! I feel like I’ve seen a lot more beat poetry around recently. Some emotions can only be expressed properly through spoken verse. I love the idea of The New York Poets, embracing all the art and pop culture, though I don’t actually think 1960s America would have been as good to me in reality as it is in my minds eye. Perhaps growing up so close to Wordsworth Country has pulled me in the opposite direction. 😀 Which other poets do you like? I’m always looking for recommendations!


  2. Damn – I hadn’t finished my comment yet! I love the sound of Red Rose County – it evokes beautiful images and aromas for me 🙂 I hope that it does in reality too. You may have discovered the blogosphere has a lot of aspiring poets. S Thomas Summers is one of my most favourite 🙂 https://inkhammer.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/new-spring/ – he has the most wonderful way of painting with words. Thank you so much for the follow – I hope you enjoy your visits to my site.


    1. Hi Raili! I do that all the time! 🙊 It’s a call back to the Tudors 🤓 it’s a bit of a rough diamond with a lot of industrial heritage! The Lake District to the north, the Vegas of the north to the west, vibrant Manchester to the south and the Yorkshire dales to the east where Heathcliff was born! Where I live it’s more Hard Times by Charles Dickens and less Wuthering heights but I like that 😂! I’ll check out S Thomas Summers too, I’m reading lots of great poetry in the blogosphere. Thanks for visiting, I’ve been enjoying reading your content! 😁

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