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Discussion: An All Female “Lord of the Flies” Remake?

Please allow me to interrupt our regularly scheduled review post to have a short rant.

I’ve just read that Warner Bros have signed a deal to recreate ‘Lord of the Flies’ with an all girl cast. As if we don’t have enough misogynistic trash floating around, we now have to endure two dudes using a 1950s novel to explain the intricacies of female relationships. 

I can absolutely see the entertainment value. How could a film with girls ripping each other apart not be an interesting watch. But is it really necessary? It seems to me it’s more likely to become a sexist trope that dilutes complexed ideas about power and diplomacy into a derogatory mean girls. 

Can this re-make really stay true to original text? 

How do you think it would really go if a group of girls were stranded instead of boys? 

18 thoughts on “Discussion: An All Female “Lord of the Flies” Remake?

  1. I definitely agree with you. I don’t think we need an all female remake nor do I think it would work. A gender swap wouldn’t add anything to the plot; it’s just another way for Hollywood to make money. Besides, Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens is already about females stranded on an island. Let’s make that into a movie instead!


    1. I don’t even know what it would look like but I can see it playing into a lot of negative stereotypes and completely missing the subtleties of how girls actually interact. Beauty Queens seems like a much better shout! I haven’t read it but I’ve been lead to believe it’s funny and that’s a far better place to start then trying to make a serious film that points out how little girls are just as bad as little boys. We just don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives!

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  2. The original was about toxic masculinity and told in the setting of isolation so the writer could focus on those themes. Likely there is toxic femininity, but I don’t see that being played out in the same setting. A story of girls behaving badly might be able to expose some interesting themes, but I think you also have to rethink where and how such action happens. Stranding girls on a desert island and expect them to act like boys is pushing the “suspension of disbelief” a bit too far.

    and for the record, I never believed that group of stranded boys would ever behave like the original film.

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    1. Absolutely, if it’s about girls it’s not lord of the flies, it’s a different story entirely or at least it should be. I’m sure there’s loads of great stories about girls being savage that would be far more interesting. No me either! it’s a definite exaggeration and it does boys a disservice. It’s a very old fashioned perspective to believe in inherent evil and I don’t think a modern audience needs to re-explore the world in black and white.

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  3. Everyone here has made thoughtful remarks which I agreed with. I think Lord of the Flies was sad and possible. It could happen if the wrong collection of children gathered and dumped together were chosen, “could” be hateful and vindictive. I love my grandchildren. One of the most attractive and sensitive boys had a boy knock him over and dug his fingernails into his neck! Witnesses said my grandson did nothing wrong! He is one who cries at movies but plays sports well. A good mix of tough and kindness. Why did the boy do this? The “bully” has done it to other boys; but their parents didn’t go to the hospital and have a report done of assault. . .


    1. All of my followers are very diplomatic & wise 😁. It’s definitely possible for children to be nasty, which is what makes the book believable, particularly the bullying aspect. I do think on the whole children wouldn’t go as far as to kill each other, even if there were no grown ups. Maybe that’s just what I want to believe though! That encounter is pure Jack and Ralph isn’t it. Sorry to hear that happened to your grandson, hope he’s alright now. I would have been slapped all the way back to last Tuesday if I’d done that to someone when I was little 😂!

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      1. Hi Faye, I agree killing another child would be really hard to believe a bully could do this.
        Thanks for your commiserating with me as well as your saying you would be up to your neck in trouble had you done something so mean as this one boy did to my grandson.
        It did make me laugh a little. 😀
        He’s fine since it was the end of last year of school in June. I’m sure it traumatized him inside and hopefully he doesn’t even look at the other boy. (Both are 12 year olds.) ~Robin


      2. It does happen and there’s definitely a sort of mob mentality that can play a part. I think we can accept that as an exception Lord of the Flies could have happened. I do believe that children on the whole are more compassionate than they appear in this book. It’s the combination of personalities that allows this to play out. I know a lot of boys who were great defenders of an underdog when I was a child. One strong character, would have changed the dynamic!

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  4. First off, let me say that I love having female lead characters in movies, books, and games. We need more female heroes. However I am opposed to a female Lord of the Flies remake. Why? Because it’s sloppy. I hate remakes. I want people to at least try and be original.


    1. I agree, it’s great to see female lead characters, but this definitely feels lazy and cheap. I’m mostly concerned that it’ll only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes. There are thousands of great stories that already have female leads, it’s a shame they can’t be bothered to look a bit further than the end of their nose to find one to produce! I don’t think this is going to be much of a revelation sadly, hopefully we’ll be proven wrong!

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      1. Well, this book is written by man, not a woman, but “Sabriel” by Garth Nix has a very strong female lead. In terms of stories that aren’t books, but movies, the beautifully animated films of Hayoa Miyazaki more often than naught have strong female leads.


  5. I agree with you, this was not something anyone wanted- it’s not even as if the original writer wrote it to go “look how great boys are” (quite the opposite) so I don’t really get what the thinking behind this was. I think it’s too likely to devolve into Mean Girls type stuff. Surely there are actually loads of books that already have great (and complex) female leads that they could use if they really wanted to promote women…?


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