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Writing Wednesday: The Found Object Exercise

Happy Writing Wednesday! I’ve pulled some weird and wonderful ideas and topics from around the internet to help give us all a writing boost. Whilst they might not work for everyone, I hope for some they might provide a little bit of inspiration and encouragement. I’ve also included some creative exercises I’ve picked throughout my creative writing studies. So, without further a-do the topic for this week is:

The found object exercise

This is fun to do with friends, both in real life and online. It works better if you don’t pick your own object. I can do it with you if you need a pal!

The principle is that you pick a small seemingly insignificant object. Then you carry it with you, have meals with it, put it under your pillow at night. Really get to know it. Once your family members think you’ve mentally walked the plank, begin to build this objects experience.

How did it come to be with you? What journey has it taken?
What does it think about its life? What does it want?
If it had a personality what would I be like?

Animate your little object in your mind. Breath life into it. Once you’ve lived with this object for a week and become weirdly attached to it, write a story or poem from its perspective. It’ll not feel cool at first, but it’ll helps to build the tools you need to create real authentic characters and to add details to the authenticity of your stories. It can also be used as an exercise in symbolism.

If you can put yourselves into the shoes of a battery, ornament or button. You can write the world.

Have you tried this exercise before? My first attempt was a picture postcard of a loom! It got dark!

Do you have any great exercises you love to do to get the words moving?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: The Found Object Exercise

    1. True, it’s the price we pay for being undiscovered creative geniuses. It might not be all bad, you can just embrace your inner Joker. I’ll be Penguin, I like the idea of having a bow tie. We’ll find a Batman and trick them into letting us out, then Gotham will be ours! 🙃

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  1. I love the writing exercises! I am going to try this one-once I finish my next two major assignments! A writing exercise I find very useful that I learned on a Future Learn ‘Start Writing Fiction Course’ was the ‘ Emma said that…’ starting line. You can change the name if you want to but once you start writing, you then delete this starting phrase and suddenly you find you have an intriguing story start to emerge.
    I love your blog btw-full of all the things I love.


    1. Me too! What are you studying? I like to just start writing and see where I end up so I find them really helpful. We don’t need no snowflake structure around here 😂! That sounds like a good one! I imagine it’d be good for writing dialog! Thank you! 😄

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