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Writing Wednesday: The Cut and Paste Exercise

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m going to talk about copying and pasting as a creative exercise. Steal like an artist is probably a phrase you’re familiar with. Taking and remodelling work by other authors is a great skill to master if you want to build on great literary tradition or just have some fun. It’s fairly easy to get started, all you need to do is take two texts, short ones work best, maybe a advert, a poem or a song. Print them out or rip them from a magazine. Cut out some phrases or words that you like and re-arrange them. Write between the lines to link up your points, create a scene or turn them into a poem.

I’ve made an example using two songs, can you guess which?

I know the chance won’t come again for her to follow her dream, but I can’t accept it. She wants to start a revolution and join a Rock ‘n’ Roll band. I just want to sit by the waters whilst the summertime is in bloom. Don’t criticize she had said, but she knows I couldn’t understand it. Maybe I should block up the hall so she can’t go. It’s too late. My soul slides away as she steps outside. “The times they are a-changin” she says meakly. I look back in anger and know that the line is drawn. Take that look from off your face I say to myself. But I don’t. I stand in the doorway and watch her fading away.

I’d love to see your examples and discover whether or not you have excellent music taste! Leave your experiments and thoughts in the comments!

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