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Short Review: Transit – Lana Citron

Published in 2012 Lana Citrons short novel Transit is a fantastically bizarre piece of fiction. This book is no doubt a Marmite choice. If you love contemporary fiction that challenges your perception this is a brilliant quick read. However if you like more conventional plots or classics this is perhaps not for you. It focuses on Ed who has seemingly murdered his girlfriend Sal for her indiscretions with a boyfriend from the past. Ed, freed from the shackles of his relationship with Sal, sets about getting his revenge on Rob and takes Angel along for the ride. It’s very stylistic, there are no chapters and it swims from one event to the next, moving backwards and forwards in time seamlessly and without stopping. The characters are believable and I love the grittiness of Ed and how he rationalizes his behavior. Fischer is stereotypical and amusing whilst Angel seems naive enough that you can believe she would go along with Ed’s questionable plan. The pace of this book is incredible, there didn’t seem any way it could be brought to a logical conclusion.Somehow it does and the twist at the end is perfectly executed. It makes you call into question everything you’ve been told from Eds perspective previously. A fantastic underrated book if you want something completely different.

I pick up books are charity shops that mix of genres into my reading that I wouldn’t normally choose. What’s your favourite spontaneous purchase?

Have you read Lana Citron before, what do you think?


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