About Me · Introduction


I’m in my twenties, I work full-time and like many of you find balancing what I love doing with making a living incredibly difficult. There’s always another bill to pay that gets in the way of reading, writing and engaging creatively. I’ve made a conscientious drive to write more, read more and take myself less seriously. 6 months ago I was a wreck, disillusioned, de-motivated and apathetic. Now I’m healthier, happier and more enthusiastic than ever about literature and life. I want to use what I’ve learnt to help you engage with your passions, find new books to fall in love, topics to discuss and things to make you think. I’d love to hear about what makes you tick, the content you want to see and the books you’d like me to review. You can find me at many places around the internet:

Or you can email me at: frazzledfictions@gmail.com or write a comment on any page and I’ll get back to you within the week. For now take care and keep me up to date on your latest literary finds!


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