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Review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown

Rise red as the dawn! Red Rising by Pierce Brown is a dystopian fantasy novel of a different class. Darrow, raised in the mines of Mars is catapulted into the beating heart of Gold Society. Power is prized above all other virtues and violent oppression is key. His mission is to destroy the hierarchy from… Continue reading Review: Red Rising – Pierce Brown

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Review: The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman

Secret libraries between worlds. Dragons. Magic. Spies. Vampires. Fae... This book promises everything. But did it deliver? The concept is nothing short of inspired. If I were a novelist, this is the kind of story I'd want to write. The book follows Irene and apprentice Kai who are librarians that travel through dimensions to procure… Continue reading Review: The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman

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News: Books are back!

Real books are having something of a resurgence with sales climbing while e-reader profits dwindle. There's plenty of speculation as to why. Subscription services have taken a chunk of profit from e-books? People are downloading less commercial books instead of expensive digital releases? The novelty has worn off? Whatever the business sense, I think the… Continue reading News: Books are back!

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I'm in my twenties, I work full-time and like many of you find balancing what I love doing with making a living incredibly difficult. There's always another bill to pay that gets in the way of reading, writing and engaging creatively. I've made a conscientious drive to write more, read more and take myself less… Continue reading Introduction